June 19

HoReCup 2016

HoReCup was created in 2015 with a main idea to be the largest sports – table tennis tournament and educational event for HoReCa employees, organized in one place.

Today HoReCup becomes an amateur sports league for all representatives of the hotels, restaurant and and catering companies with the partners of HoReCa industry. Unlike many conferences and congresses for Hoteliers concentrated on presence of the owners of the venues and their management, we have created the opportunity and place to meet for employees on every professional level. The most motivating fact is that the idea was a spark for many our collegues in different hotels, companies and organizations to start training, develope their table tennis skills, and accept the challenge.

We meet every month and the group is constantly growing. Our goal for year 2016 is to achieve minimum 120 regular players, and to involve additional visiting players, to continue the idea to be the largest table tennis tournament and educational event for ALL HoReCa employees and the industry Partners.

Together with main Partner of HoReCup – Sound Garden Hotel Airport, http://www.soundgardenhotel.pl, we see a great potential in the development of young talents, which is why we follow our event also to schools and universities. Through the integration between students and professionals while HoReCup tournaments, the youngest will have a chance for networking, extend their knowledge and experience and open the gate of their glorious career. Present Hoteliers will have great opportunity to find their perfect young, talented and motivated interns and employees, but also build great relations with partners and suppliers who may help their business be more profitable.

But what is most important, we all want to have fun of the competition and enjoy our victories. The small ones in single matches and big main event prizes. If you work in HoReCa on any professional level, you are a student and look forward to be the industry employee, or you are a partner, supplier for the HoReCa, start playing table tennis with us.


Be: amateur (players of professional leagues are excluded)

Visit: www.horecup.pl

Ask: https://www.facebook.com/horecup/