April 14

My mania

Ok, first you probably wonder why hotelmania.pl is all in English? There are two reasons. First is the scope of hotelmania.pl which is supposed to be international. Second – you are most likely a student in a hotel school or university, starting your career in hotel business or you are already a young manager. It means you anyway need to get used to communication at least in English language. Just surround yourself with it, and enjoy my articles.

You will find here a lot motivation and inspiration, especially if you are really interested in the hotel industry and being real passionate Hotelier. I will share with you the lessons I learned, and will present people who I do appreciate the most, or those who inspire me every day.

If you folow hotelmania.pl, you will visit with the places I’ve been to, with the reasons they are worth to visit.

All you will read here, will be written in a simple way. Imagine that Hoteliers take off their suit and tie, and put tehir sneakers on sometimes. I do it while I’m writing it, we do it while we spend the time togheter with my Team on trainings, or play table tennis together in HoReCup or running in Warsaw Business Run. I need you to know that our industry is created by people full of energy, enthusiasm and many different passiions which they can use and develope. This is what I need you want to be, and the hotel industry needs you to be.

If you have and want to share any idea on how to make hotelmania.pl better and more interesting for you or your group, feel free to share it with me at https://www.facebook.com/MojaHotelMania or milosz@horecup.pl

Thank you for sharing, thank you for following.