April 14

My Poeple

I wouldn’t be myself without people I met on my way, and lesson I’ve learned from them. Therefore you need to get to know them. You will enjoy stories and presentations of my teachers, mentors and leaders here. When you’ll read the stories you will know the reasons I shared them.

There will be some interviews of most interesting characters in our industry, on the local and international market. In my humble opinion of course:)

You will meet also my #SoundTeam, my #HoReCupTeam and my #WarsawBusinessRunTeam.

You know that in my focus there are young and talented future leaders, so be creative and do not  just consume my content. Show me what you got, what you do and how you want to be presented to other Hoteliers. I will be more than happy and proud to show your face and bio here as well.