September 25

My Place – Sound Garden Hotel

Hi! Long time no see! But this time I am coming back for good. If you are university student, most likely you just started a new semester today, if you are younger you definitely started on the first of September, and if you are young Hotelier you are anyway on duty all the time 🙂 The most important is that now I am sure you are all back from vacation, recharged your batteries, made new relations, visited wonderfull places and experienced something exceptional.

I was waiting for this day, because I wanted to share with you my feelings about … coming back. I wonder what do you feel when your vacation or weekend or any break ends, and you are going back to work, school, study, duties. Do you hate it, tolerate, accept it, like it or love it?! For me this is something between like and love. I hope you don’t think I don’t like my free time, because of course I am crazy about my vacation and free time with my wife, family and friends. It gives me breathe, cleans my brain, stimulates my creativity and motivates to take new challenges. So I am always so excited when I can return to a place where I can implement my ideas in cooperation with my best Team.

Sound Garden Hotel Airport in Warsaw is THE PLACE, the No.1 place for No.1 post in this chapter. Why? First of all, the Owners of the hotel gave me their trust and believed I can develope their idea of the hotel, and than share it with other people. I had the chance to gather a great Team and make them believe we are creating the coolest venue in the city. I will tell you more about the Team in separate post. Today I want to tell you that the combination of the hotel concept, the trust which I am given until today, people and their involvement, the design, the spirit and energy, the projects that we run together, our Guest with their very good reviews, and the confidence that when you come back you will find everything plays like in best orchestra, make me wanna come back so much. This is what I need you to feel when you come back to you place. I know it is very hard in school to find everything so positive, but today find one thing, one best class, one most ispiring teacher, one most interesting volunteer project and go for it. Tomorrow find another one. In your work it is much easier, and you have much more influence. So if you are not as fond of your place yet, think that in both cases you have the be the motor, you have to inspire others if you want be inspired by them, no matter what is your role in the organization. Make the place atractive for you and others, and remember that what goes around – comes around, and it will! Have great semester / season / business and some fun about it as well 🙂