My Impression – Anna

Hospitality is an art of doing the best first impression. There is a person I want to tell you about, who impresses me since about 10 years already. So either the first impression was so strong, or she is the real Artist in our profession. And I am sure she is.

First official meeting – Anna Olszyńska, as the Resident Manager (later General Manager) of Jan III Sobieski Hotel in Warsaw by Vienna International Hotels & Resorts, and the Sales Team of the hotel with Milosz – a representative of the youngest and growing generation in the hotel industry. Anna wears a well-tailored suit, shiny-white shirt and top quality moccasins. Believe me, such a perfect outfit was not obvious yet in Poland. I was wearing … oh, forget about it! 🙂 Her Blackberry rings, she apologizes but picks up the phone few times. Answers are quick, professional, specific and conversations are led in three different languages. I mean “wow”, she was the first women in my life… no, no, no, don’t be to naughty! She was the first women in my professional life, who brought me so much fresh air, style, energy and inspiration. For me, during this meeting, the Western Europe just came in to Polish hotel industry, and I got the feeling that I know what meants “wannabe”.

Further I learned, that on behalf of the company she was managing two hotels in Poland at the same time. It was unbelievable for me, but seemed like a walk in park for her. Actually it still is, beacause not only Anna is the General Manager at one of most amazing hotels in Poland since opening – andel’s by Vienna House Łódź, but also Regional Director for Central and North Poland, Vienna House. And still, I have the same exciting feeling when I see her personally or when I observe her leadership, from a distance.

Coming back to impressions, she did it again while she was accepting the Hotelier of the HOTELIER OF THE YEAR 2015 Award for The best General Manager of Chain Hotel. She said she misses the time when the hotelier’s profession was much more desirable and prestigious than it is today, and that our mission is the restore this image…

This post is not to spoil Ms Anna Olszynska with sugar and honey, but to give respect to her influence on people like me, or maybe you to, no matter if she is aware of this or not. This is for you to understand, that you have to search for role models in your career, follow them and learn from them, untill you realize how much you have in common or that you have the same mission.

Thank you!



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