My Generation Y

Hey, I’m so happy to share with you the news – I will participate a discussion during Hotel Trends Poland & CEE in 2016. We will discuss about you, well, and about me to 🙂 the Generation Y!

I couldn’t imagine a better discussion topic for myself, because cooperation with a Team built of Generation Y and Z in 98%, is all about recent 4 years of my professional life. This Generation created the Sound Garden Hotel – a fantactic place, but you already had a chance to read about it in separate post. We created togehter a special atmosphere of realations within the Team, but also with our Clients and Partners. We showed to the whole industry a new point of view on the internal and external communication culture.

We are proud to present ourselves together with each other and the brand that we represent, because we know we are all behind the success of it. Also we are very happy and proud of our colleagues who left, but still represent the values of #SoundTeam, even though they are Managers and Experts  in other great hotels in Warsaw. Full support to you guys!

We are ambitious, and we like straight to the point communication. Clearly set goals motivate us. It is even better when there is a bit of competition on the way to achieve them. Every chance to show that we are the best, give us additional excitement. We are creative, offer support to each other and easy communicative – multiple methods of communication are symbols of our Generation. No only we learn fast but, what is most important today in our industry, we easy unlearn all what is past, old and passé.

Of course we are not perfect, perfection is boring for us, but it doesn’t stop us of high reward for our job expectation. It does not mean monetary currencies only. And now this is for the other Generations to figure out what do we realy expect:)

Whant to know more – soon at Hotel Trends Poland & CEE 2016.


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