My Body Art

Imagine you are a very young person. Or you don’t have to imagine, because you really are:). You’re passionate about tattoos, piercing, coloured hair. You want to get one, and have it really visible, because the reason is to express yourself. Now imagine that you desire to work in hotel industry – elegant, conservative, full of rules, grooming standards, clean of any political / religious / race / subcultural / any private statements and manifestations. Can you be considered serious and professional candidate to work in a hotel with some art or modification on your body? I am very happy to tell you “YES” our industry is changing. Slowly but it really is.


Agnieszka with her nose piercing, which is always with her, since more than 11 years of work at the hotel Front Office and Reservations.

Certainly it is much easier to find inked people working on a creative positions, in neighbouring industries. For example, seems to be very appreciated to see creative dicertor in event agency, or event manager, designer who is inked, has a bizzare stylization or haircut, and actually the more “original” he is, probably the more experienced and creative as well – is it like this for sure?!


Agata is a cat-lover, hence the tattoo shows a photo of her Maine Coon and wind rose, a symbol of travel. Below you will also find Agata’s right shoulder blade tattoo – the flower (Biznaga) which is the symbol of Malaga, where she studied and worked. Of course another cat 🙂 plus the coordinates of Warsaw and Malaga at the bottom. Agata is the winner of first ever competition for Receptionist of the Year by AICR Poland and will represent Poland in David Campbell Trophy in Paris.

Let’s go closer to hotels. How many chefs have you seen, with rolled up sleeves, showing their arms full of masterpieces from famous artists? I guess many, unless you didn’t have a chance in person, or you don’t have TV to watch multiple, popular culinary shows. I also believe, there were many bartenders or waiters you met in bars and restaurants, wearing fancy piercing, well combed beards, and tattoos from the neck to fingers. They were invited to work in those places becase a) they were professionals, or capable to be professionally prepared for the job, b) they fitted to the places, and the concepts they represented, c) they were measured by the result, not by subjective judgement, d) they were needed because they correspond with the clientele expectations.


Klaudia‘s adventure with tattoos began in March 2016. Her first tattoo is owl with whisperer of dreams. Owl symbolizes wisdom (Klaudia is abitious, invests in development and learns hard). Whisperer of dreams, because she is sleepwalking since she was a baby. The dreams are often so terrible, she cannot escape or gets killed. The whisperer is her fight against this. She got next tattoo few weeks ago – under the bust, mandala style pattern. A little diamond symbolizes her uniqueness and being different, which was often a reason not to be accepted, but to be an object of envy or enemy. The rest of the tattoo was a spontaneous choice. Klaudia is receptionist in a 4* hotel in Gdańsk. Her dream is to be the hotel manager, hence the choice of studies profile – tourist business management.

This way we found answer to my main question – yes you will be treated seriously as a professional and in many cases appreciated. Sure, some of employers may or will ask you to cover your tattoo or take off your piercing during your shift, or meeting with a client. But some will be very happy if you present it proudly, because they may consider having a team members with good tattoo, a kind of sign of wealth, symbol of creativity and the special spirit which is delivered to the place and the team through yourself. Now for you belongs the right, and duty, to make proper research and find out everything about your potential employer, the target group of customers, employer branding, and overall image. It’s good to make sure that both sides are comfortable with each other, because this is the only way for best internal relations and success. Look for the places and brands which comunicate themself the way you feel comforatble with.


Sylwia has “faith”, it refers not to believe in God, but faith in the good which helped her overcome a bad personal and life experience. Sylwia also simply likes cats and loves airplanes. Not only she loves to fly, but she can sit at the airport half a day and watch 🙂

Presently there are many hotel brands entering Polish market, which even have full-body-tattooed people in their marketing materials. See 25Hours Hotels or  Radisson Red or Moxy Hotels – Moxy a brand of Marriott International. There will be several new Moxy openings in Poland within next 1 – 3 years. The other international brands you may know as targeted for “Millennials” or “lifestyle” or just inspired by new generation of customers, full of music, art, fashion, good taste, social media, worth to be like, direct in comunication: Tru by Hilton , JO&JOE , Motel One – possibly soon in Poland, Citizen-M .


Moxy Hotels roll-up banner during Hotel Trends 2016 conference.

These are only few examples, hopefully soon to be in Poland. But I believe I may also present some Polish brands or individual hotels: Puro Hotels – they even have INK Restaurant in their hotel in Gdańsk. Aparthotel Stalowa52  – actually most of employees are “decorated” and they promised to share the whole team tattoos for my second edition of this post! Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw – go and see the #SoundTeam movie  which tell’s a lot about the team.


Clover from the childhood was a sign of Kasia‘s own happiness, so when she decided to have a tattoo, no doubt she was going to chose one. Now her mascot is always with her, and she still believes in the magical power of this sign.

My advice, never be affraid to be yourself. Show yourself the best way you are. There will always be people who will not accept you or your truth, but you don’t have to be liked by everybody. You carry your story with you, and it creates your most valuable brand – your personal brand. Just choose wisely what is best to make you feel good, and to be happy where you are.

I would like to thank you all for sharing your pictures and stories.


I hope, I can count on new ones, with some really big formats – you know who I am talking about 🙂 I am waiting for your full back and long sleves artworks!

PS. Tattoo from the main picture, and not only this one, is art by Dante

PS.2. If you wish to read some more about tattooed professionals in work and business, I recomend the post which inspired me to write my story, already long time ago

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