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“Whoever you represent at the moment, you never stop representing yourself, so it is necessary to live the way to deserve your life”. This was how I finished my previous post, for a reason. I wanted to tell you about the other part of the same day.

Sound Garden Hotel Airport was nominated to MP Power Award 2016 by in category Business Venue, together with Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw and Hotel Tobaco Łódź. A part of the competition was an audit provided by Z-Factor, including visibility review and test call for sales abilities of the nominated venues. Yet the final decision was a call of Jury consisting of MICE experts. It was our third nomination, so it was like now or never situation. The more we were interested in the results of audit, and we followed the presentation carefully. I also got my personal nomination to the MP Power 12 – Venue Supplier.

MP Power Night took place at the Horse Racing Track Służewiec. The venue set for over 800 people looked totally amazing!



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Of course we are the best 🙂 but we never expected too much in this very strong competition. We took the table at the very end of the hall, chilled with a glass of wine and enjoyed the view. And the view was a great pleasure for us. Sylwia and Magdalena together with Team and partners of the event, organized it very well. Awarding the prizes went very smoothly, with only few breaks for top quality artistic performance.


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Until it began:

“…and the Power goes to Sound Garden Hotel Airport!”

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“…and the Power goes to Miłosz Stanisławski!”

It is not an every day situation when I have no idea what to say, and this time I haven’t. I was lucky to have probably about a hundred meters walk to the stage. And I don’t really mean that I could use the time to prepare the speech. Of course not – together with Kris we enjoyed the moment of walking through the crowd, like Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet – it was really cool 🙂


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Celebration was about to begin, congratulations was not ending, a drop of “champagne” supported our enthusiasm. In this mood I would like to dedicate both “Powers” to the #SoundTeam (please look forward to see my next post to meet us all), our closest ones who understand our Team involvement, our past members and friends, our supporters, suppliers and partners.


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May the Power will be with you!

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