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Moje miejsca

November 09

My Airbnb

At least since 2 years I hear how much hoteliers suffer because of Airbnb. Some say, the Airbnb offerers take the business away from hotels, they are recently the most dangerous competitors for hotels, they sell cheaper, don’t pay taxes, don’t obey the same strict rules, and soon will take over all segments of hotel […]

September 25

My Place – Sound Garden Hotel

Hi! Long time no see! But this time I am coming back for good. If you are university student, most likely you just started a new semester today, if you are younger you definitely started on the first of September, and if you are young Hotelier you are anyway on duty all the time 🙂 […]

April 14

My places

The places which are the closest to me. You will be updated with this information ASAP.