I decided to tie up with hospitality under impression of my first big travel experience about 20 years ago. I chose the technical high-school for hotel industry in Slupsk. I will write this longer in “my people’ sections, because all stories which are happening in my life (I believe in yours to) is connected with the people who create them.

Continuing my education and in order to earn my first professional experience, I came to Warsaw and started work at the front office in one most reputable, independent hotels in the city – the Jan III Sobieski, later managed by Vienna International Hotels & Resorts and further rebranded to Radisson Blu within The Rezidor Hotel Group. I spend 6 years in total developing my skills in sales department, from Account Manager’s position, through Sales Manager at Vienna International Sales Cluster in Poland, to Assistant Director of Sales after rebranding to Radisson Blu. There is a lot of stories connected with the people who helped me get to where I am today, and I will write you all of them separately.

In between I stopped for 2 years at Rialto Hotel in Warsaw, to experience the sales and the very up to the detail service of this beautiful butique hotel. For a while I was als working as a Director of Sales at Platinum Residence in Warsaw.

And now my biggest adventure – the Sound Garden Hotel Airport, the first smart hotel in Warsaw, belonging to the group of Legend Hotels & Spa. I had the great pleasure to join the pre-opening Crew as Director of Sales, and run the hotel opening process together. Curently I am the General Manager of the venue, and work with the Team which shares my passion, we present the same enthusiasm and commitment to the work and the place that we create together. The number of stories here is greatest, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Why not to share some information about my personal successes? For involvement in the MICE industry, I was highlighted by MPI Poland Club with “Discovery of the Year 2013” title. “Hotelarz” and Horwath HTL awarded me with the title of “Hotel Manager under 35 years” in the competition Hotelier of the Year 2014. I was nominated twice for the “MICE Poland Personality of the Year” 2014 and 2015, but was not yet successful enough to get prize.

Summarising I have some knowledge and experience, which I am very happy to share with you. Thanks to Sound Garden Hotel Airport also have plenty of tools for the development of young, rebellious and talented future Great Hoteliers whitin my Team and Interns we host sometime. I do it as well as a trainer in “Hotelarz” Academy.

And now I decided to write the blog and give away some of my expressions about the industry, opportunities and passion. I hope you will enjoy.