WorldTour International by Hotelmania

What is „WorldTour International by Hotelmania” – this is a project which is based on competition in knowledge, skills, networking, research, and creativity improving the young generation of future Leaders of Hospitality Business (HORECA, Travel and MICE industries).


  • Promotion of the company basically around the youngest generation — members and finalist of the competition;
  • Expand the knowledge about your company ESG activity through the education initiative that will be represented via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik-Tok and LinkedIn activities not only on Hotelmania profiles but on the finalist as well — show your company to young people medias — where all of the followers are on the same age;
  • Find future Leaders of your company — become reliable employer for young people;
  • Show your business how modern you are via supporting the education initiatives;
  • Expand the imagination in developing the Hospitality business — show how you are making business, let young people to love your activities;
  • Be a part of the new Hospitality generation who has a real impact on the education and development in the industry.

WHAT WE ALREADY DID IN „World Tour by Hotelmania”?

Japanese trip

In December 2021 we finished the 1st edition of „World Tour by Hotelmania” where 2 of the most active and creative students of hospitality industry schools went to Japan in 2022.

This project helps students to believe in themselves and in the modern Hospitality business that there are still companies who need them, who will use their potential in the best way, who will help them to become Leaders of Hospitality business in the nearest future.


  • Planning the trip plan by finalist.
  • Meeting with Local Partners of the competition for interviews.
  • Getting to know the culture, traditions, and history of Hosting country.
  • Connecting Hotelmania Association members with companies who ready and support young generation with improving their knowledges, skills.

What we did in Japan:

  • 3 meetings with Partner Hotels, who share their business ideas, management and Team culture building. e.g., Noku Hotel
  • 2 meetings with management of our Partner platform Meeting15 JP, who was the initiator of the competition – who shared their business idea, value and Team culture building. e.g., Naota Shimomoto
  • 2 meetings with HotelBeds workers, who supported the initiative of the trip to Japan. e.g., Tokyo HotelBeds Team
  • Students managed the plan of sightseeing and their after-business activities.
  • Social media content for Partners and students who attended the trip.

Final of the competition in 2021

The sum of the trip

  • Sharing products and services through the educational process
  • Finding future leaders or consumers of products or services
  • Sharing with Polish audience activities and values of Partner companies

Interview with Agata Cerynger – Regional Director Eastern Europe w Hotelbeds

  • Trip abroad based not only on getting known new country but on educational and
    business purposes
  • Networking with foreign companies that based on interviews