moje-ikona December 30

My Body Art

Imagine you are a very young person. Or you don’t have to imagine, because you really are:). You’re passionate about tattoos, piercing, coloured hair. You want to get one, and have it really visible, because the reason is to express yourself. Now imagine that you desire to work in hotel industry – elegant, conservative, full […]

20161108_235949 November 09

My Airbnb

At least since 2 years I hear how much hoteliers suffer because of Airbnb. Some say, the Airbnb offerers take the business away from hotels, they are recently the most dangerous competitors for hotels, they sell cheaper, don’t pay taxes, don’t obey the same strict rules, and soon will take over all segments of hotel […]

milosz-social October 10

My Generation Y

Hey, I’m so happy to share with you the news – I will participate a discussion during Hotel Trends Poland & CEE in 2016. We will discuss about you, well, and about me to 🙂 the Generation Y! I couldn’t imagine a better discussion topic for myself, because cooperation with a Team built of Generation […]

20160929_210517 September 30

My Impression – Anna

Hospitality is an art of doing the best first impression. There is a person I want to tell you about, who impresses me since about 10 years already. So either the first impression was so strong, or she is the real Artist in our profession. And I am sure she is. First official meeting – […]

sound September 25

My Place – Sound Garden Hotel

Hi! Long time no see! But this time I am coming back for good. If you are university student, most likely you just started a new semester today, if you are younger you definitely started on the first of September, and if you are young Hotelier you are anyway on duty all the time 🙂 […]

IMAG0190 April 14

My places

The places which are the closest to me. You will be updated with this information ASAP.

004 April 14

My mania

Ok, first you probably wonder why is all in English? There are two reasons. First is the scope of which is supposed to be international. Second – you are most likely a student in a hotel school or university, starting your career in hotel business or you are already a young manager. It […]

12790879_1054121351298486_6375251254564451947_n April 14

My Poeple

I wouldn’t be myself without people I met on my way, and lesson I’ve learned from them. Therefore you need to get to know them. You will enjoy stories and presentations of my teachers, mentors and leaders here. When you’ll read the stories you will know the reasons I shared them. There will be some […]

2016_Hotelmania June 19

HoReCup 2016

HoReCup was created in 2015 with a main idea to be the largest sports – table tennis tournament and educational event for HoReCa employees, organized in one place. Today HoReCup becomes an amateur sports league for all representatives of the hotels, restaurant and and catering companies with the partners of HoReCa industry. Unlike many conferences […]